Who we are, and what we do…



What to expect at a Service

Church in the Wyldewood meets every Sunday for Services at 1:00 pm, which is followed by a coffee/fellowship gathering in the church kitchen (optional).

Service consists of singing, a short reading, a healing segment (see below), a lecture, and then messaging done by a medium.  Every week we invite different Speakers/mediums to share inspiration and free messages from the other side of life. We believe that life continues after the soul leaves physical body and we offer proof through mediumship. Some guests are psychic and can give information about what may be happening in your life now or your past or even your future. Of course, we do not push any beliefs on anyone else as we know this is our own life journey to experience with out fear or apprehension.


Our most important part of the service is Healing, we have chairs to sit in to receive healing during this portion of the Service. The healers are chosen before the service and some do hands on, or above your head and shoulders. We value this life and hope our healing hands offer you peace and comfort for any reason, whether physical, mental, or emotional. We also have, and read from, a prayer list for sending healing to those in need.  We welcome all to add names of loved ones who may be in need of healing: either with healing in life, or healing as they transition from this life.


Every month we offer an Intuitive Development Circle, open to all levels: this is held the last Sunday of the month at 11:30 in the Church, prior to Services that day.  In this class we help people to get in touch with their own intuition, healing abilities, and develop mediumship.  We believe that everyone has these abilities, inherently.  We also offer different classes periodically during the year such as, basic astrology, basic tarot, beginning spiritualism (over view of all kinds of psychic gifts), Tai Chi, and many others. We are happy to accommodate, if there is something else that is suggested. If we don’t have the answer for you we will certainly try and help you find it.

In short…

We make every effort to make all feel welcome. We are always looking for new people to make a mark on this church and help it become even more. We want people to leave feeling better than when they came in.  We don’t preach intolerance or judgment: life is too short.  We want to help lift everyone up.  We are not a cult or anything like that: no one will try to force their personal views on anyone, and no one is “recruited”.  A free exchange of ideas is always refreshing.  Freedom of choice and personal responsibility are some of the special things about us that set us apart, compared to traditional masses, and make us special!

Leave your dogma and judgment at the door!

Intuitive Development

On the last Sunday of every month we hold an open “Circle” at 11:30 am. This is open to all levels.  A $5 donation is requested.


Psychic Fairs

We hold Psychic Fair Fundraisers (and Yard Sales) between March and November, rain or shine (for the Fair). Readings are $20 for 20 minutes with highly gifted readers (Tarot, mediumship, tea leaves, etc.)


One of the principles of the Spiritualist Church is that life continues after we leave our bodies in death: and this is proven through mediumship.  Our ministers are highly trained, and pass on their learning to others.


Healing plays a very large part in why we do what we do.  We offer healing during our service (similar to reiki), for those who may be in need.  We also teach others how to access this ability within themselves, so they too can share it.